Sunday, October 8, 2017

BloodLust: Prose and Poetry book

You all know I'm a sucker for dark poetry. I write poetry, I read it. I love it. This new book by Aurora Desmond is beautiful and interesting. The cover struck me. I loved it and it reminded me of myself. I had seen it before on Amazon so I decided to get it. I will be chatting about this book soon on my video vlog and reading one of my favorite poems from the book. What I loved about the book is it has a short story and poetry as well. I enjoy reading fiction, non fiction and anything with goth characters in it so this was really fun to read. Very macabre, interesting and cool. Check it out here to get one of these books: Bloodlust: Prose and Poetry

Metal life

Thank you Tracy for the skull ring.
Coffee in my Behemoth mug. 
Autumn blooms. 
Pale girl in a Ghost shirt.

Halloween at Target

There are some fantastic items at Target this Halloween. I love it so much haha. Go find some cool stuff if you haven't gone already. I know where I'm stocking up at next Halloween! 

Favorite things in October

Autumn Leaves
Warm cinnamon cider
Sunflower, pumpkins and eves by the fire
Spooky clouds, cakes so sweet
Watching Nightmare on Elm Street
Agent Cooper, Twin Peaks
Fishnets, Magick, Hallows Eve
Ghouls, goblins, elves and fiends
These are some of my favorite things

October birthday weekend

Celebrated my birthday this weekend. I love being an October baby hehe. I celebrated with good friends and vegan vanilla cake. We had a nice evening at home hung out by our fire pit and watched The Lost Boys later on. I have both a white german shepherd and a siberian husky like the dogs in the movie and it was filmed in my old home town so that was a treat. My love is spending the next few days on beach front hotel with me so I will post pics when I get them. Is anyone else out there born in October? I hope you all have a lovely, spooky rest of your month.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Vampires and Ivy

October beckons, September wanes. 
Flickering candles, watch the flames.
Ivy creeps up on the wall, as we sit and embrace Fall. 
Rust colored leaves beneath my feet. 
Memories of things so sweet. 
Cider, woodfire, secret wishes.
Ravens, Odin, Finnish witches. 
Long hair, cloaks and pale skin.
Feel my ancestors from within. 
Sitting beneath the willow tree, dreaming of Yggdrasil. I long for thee. 

My new DIY Ensiferum patch jacket

I love Black Metal and Folk Metal so I was excited to find this Ensiferum patch on ebay to sew onto my faux leather coat. There is something satisfying about reworking clothing and making it your own. They still have these patches on ebay if anyone is interested in getting one.