Friday, September 22, 2017

Vampires and Ivy

October beckons, September wanes. 
Flickering candles, watch the flames.
Ivy creeps up on the wall, as we sit and embrace Fall. 
Rust colored leaves beneath my feet. 
Memories of things so sweet. 
Cider, woodfire, secret wishes.
Ravens, Odin, Finnish witches. 
Long hair, cloaks and pale skin.
Feel my ancestors from within. 
Sitting beneath the willow tree, dreaming of Yggdrasil. I long for thee. 

My new DIY Ensiferum patch jacket

I love Black Metal and Folk Metal so I was excited to find this Ensiferum patch on ebay to sew onto my faux leather coat. There is something satisfying about reworking clothing and making it your own. They still have these patches on ebay if anyone is interested in getting one.

Happy Fall Equinox

I look forward to vegan pumpkin pies, Fall leaves, cinnamon candles and taking my pup for walks in the brisk, beautiful, muggy weather. Things are changing since I've moved. I joined a witches coven. I was asked to join and I am excited because we have an online group so it will be fun to do cyber Pagan stuff and not just in person stuff. It feels good to be part of a secret sisterhood I can trust. I hope you are are having a lovely week. Happy Fall Equinox everyone. 

Spirit Halloween store 2017

You guys know I always love to pop into Spirit Halloween to check out some finds. I love the displays they have every year. My favorite costumes and items they had were the Hocus Pocus themed items. I love the Sanderson sisters. We watch Hocus Pocus multiple times in October and through out the year. What are you planning to be this Halloween?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ministry Show at Fremont Theater

I had never seen Ministry in concert before but remembered their music from my youth. Their songs are on our playlist so I had to check them out. We got there late so we missed the opening band but Ministry put on a badass set. It was really fun and I got two tees to take home. I dressed up to go out and wore my long skirt and my dragon barrette. I had quite a good time with my friends (pictured below) If you guys get a chance to see them in concert I definitely recommend it! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

New gothic vampire necklace and current reads

I got this lovely vampire necklace from Avelina De Moray's shop online. She is an incredible artist and musician. Check her shop out here:Avelina De Moray 

The Silent Girls is a really cool book by Eric Rickstad. Creepy and fun to read. Check it out! 

Also got this beautiful Vampire art top from Avelina's shop. 

New Wolfheart cd. This band rocks. Check it out if you enjoy metal. 

More posters for my room :D 

Still really loving my blue hair. 

Goth in Las Vegas part II

My friends took me to Las Vegas again. I love blogging about that city. There is so much energy. We look to go back in the Fall after traveling to Seattle again. Las Vegas is so fun and there are some really cool goths and alternative people there I always meet so I decided to show off some more of my travel pics. I hope you get a chance to visit and check out some of the goth nights there. While we were there we were given VIP tickets to the Baz Lurman show which was amazing. I love all of his movies so this was really fun to watch and I definitely recommend it to people who go. 

They have a delicious vegan menu at the Venetian.