Friday, November 27, 2020

Fun social distancing activity ideas for goths

I know 2020 has been challenging in some ways. I wanted to do a blog post on some fun social distancing activities you can do in isolation! My friends and I do have a small pod of the same people we hang with and we are very strict about that. I wouldn't recommend this unless you really trust eachother. Fortunately some of them are my room mates so we share germs and are always around and none of us have gotten sick. I do have a few friends that have been ill with corona but they live in different states and thankfully they have all recovered. I hope this gives you some ideas of fun things to do!

1. Read books
2. Be your own dj make playlists, dance like you are at a goth club. 
3. Online chat rooms with other goths.
4. Online dj groups, dance groups etc.
5. Make DIY sweaters
6. Walk your pets
7. DIY your own masks, clothes!
8. Have a movie marathon
9. Have a bakeoff
10. Have a virtual sleepover listen to some Cure and other fun goth bands that you like
11. Make a cd for your loved one.
12. diy gifts for your friends to send during holidays.
13. Find a new hobby: skating, learning guitar or other instruments etc.
14. Paint!!! draw have fun! 
15. watch a cool music documentary
16. Go to cemeteries have a picnic. Please pick up after yourself and make sure you wash hands.
17. Plan your cosplays for Halloween or just do a fun cosplay
18. Instead of going to beach with too many people go find remote spot to whale watch or dolphin watch.
19. Go to beaches and other fun places more in evenings. Less people usually depending on place.
20. SUPPORT local businesses! Mask up and go shopping if your shops are open or shop online!


 Play some board games or role playing games with your loved ones or room mates!

Kaleidoscope Inn

 My husband and I like to spend romantic times at pretty hotels and inns like Kaleidoscope Inn and Gardens in Nipomo. It is so lovey there and reminds me of the Secret Garden. 

Shoes: Strange Cvlt 

New graphic novel and book to read this month

Hope you all had a nice Autumn. I have been so incredibly busy past many months I am just now getting around to uploading all my Summer and Fall pics. Yay for Winter. I cant wait for Yule and to celebrate with my family and my husband. 


Skeleton Hand


Shop spolight: Candy Cane Jewelry Co. on etsy!

Candy Cane Jewelry Co. on etsy has some very cute items for Halloween as well as other holidays. They sent me some pumpkin bracelets and skulls. Take a look. They have great prices.




Pumpkin Patch covid style

 Covid sucks! I have friends who were sick and thankfully they recovered but it has been a crazy year!! I am thankful for what we have and the fact we can still go outdoors and hike and go to pumpkin patches with our masks. Stay safe everyone!