Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gothic outfit of the day: Goth Biker inspiration

I love biker jackets. Love them. I have a few in my closet. They are great because if you are gothic you can get many in black or even in burgundy or dar blue. They can make a plain outfit pop or dress down a too fancy outfit if you want to look more casual. I love it paired with my ombre hair. 

Vegan boots, Urban Outfitters.
Skinny jeans, Forever 2r. 
Choker, Holographic Dreamz, etsy. 
Biker jacket, Forever 21. 

Lord of the Rings marathon

Arwen pendant, etsy. 

Gothic Decor

One of my favorite things to do is decorate. I love being of the gothic/alternative subculture. There is so much more beauty in this culture and interesting ideas for decoration. I love it so much. I recently attended a friend's son's birthday and I loved her decor so I asked to photograph some of my favorite pieces. She was delighted. One of my favorite things to decorate for is Halloween and also of course beautiful Yule. I celebrate Yule every year and I love juxtaposing natural things like holly and flowers with my gothic decorations. I would love to know what you all decorate with. 

I loved her Alice in Wonderland themed decorations.

Beautiful Egyptian statue. 

Johnny Depp movie night

New Jack Skellington skirt from Arsenic Fashions

Modeling a new Jack Skellington skirt from Arsenic Fashions. Check them out online! 

Metalocalypse marathon night

One of my favorite older shoes is Metalocalypse. I love that show so much. I own every season. I got together with my friend and we got tons of grub and watched many episodes. 

Got this great shirt on Amazon.

Outfit of the day: Vintage 90s goth

Vintage goth sweater, Hot Topic.
Skater shoes, Vans.
Striped Edward Scissorhands bag, Hot Topic.
Skater pants, hand me down. 
Choker, Spirit Halloween store. 

RIP Alan Rickman

I was so incredibly saddened by Alan Rickman's passing. Friends and I got together and threw an Alan Rickman tribute night. I will always love him as an actor and he seemed to be an incredibly talented and kind human being. I am planning on doing a tribute to him with body art at some point. I already have a tattoo planned out and I am probably going to get it on my lower wrist area. 

Pigeon Point light house

Took a day trip with my love to Pigeon Point lighthouse. I've always wanted to go. We had such a fun time. It is absolutely gorgeous and if you haven't visited and you live near the Bay Area or are traveling near there please check it out. I wore my beautiful vampiric coat I got in England. It was perfect for such a chilly day. They have a hostel there you can stay at if you are traveling. 

Rose shirt and coat, from England. 

My February so far

My new camera came. I love polaroids. This one is vintage from the 70s. I also got more work done on my tattoo sleeve which I am so excited to unveil in the next few months. I have to wait until my artist gives the okay and I will post progress pics or just final pictures. She is incredibly brilliant. I love my tattoo artist so much! She is super rad and fun to chat with. I am excited to work with her and will continue to get tattooed by her in the future. She is an artistic genius. 

I always make myself vegan smoothies after tattoo sessions. They are super yummy and hydrating! 

My new vintage polaroid camera. 

Girl with the most cake

I love mixing gothic and grunge elements in my dressing. I adore Courtney Love's new fashion collection at Nasty Gal. It is probably one of the more flattering and cool collections I have seen. I got quite a few pieces. They sold out of a few items super quick! I am so glad I got them when I did. I love the little tiara she had and the beautiful choker necklaces. The mary janes and baby doll dresses were a throw back to her 90's look. I just want to hang out with my friends, listen to Hole and rock out in this collection. You can goth up her dresses, pair them with fishnets or a long gothic duster coat. I can't wait to play around with the clothes. I don't usually do pastels but I loved her slip dresses and I will pair them with black coats or faux leopard print coats when I find the perfect one. 

Mary Janes, Nasty Gal. 

Slip dress, Nasty Gal. 

My hubby's birthday hehe I liked this pretty vegan cake.