Sunday, June 12, 2016

Goth DIY for handbags and zippers

When a zipper clasp falls off or fails I go to the fabric store and get some cute little skull or bat clasps to replace them. Sometimes if a bag isn't goth to my liking I replace the zipper clasps with my own. It is super easy to do. Just make sure you have a sturdy pair of pliers to work with. 

Deadpool and Alice in Wonderland movies

Finally saw Deadpool and Alice in Wonderland. Not at the same theater but it was fun. I really liked the Alice movie. Not as much as I liked the first one but I will definitely buy it. I also liked Deadpool. Hilarious. I want to get that film too. My husband particularly liked it because he is super sarcastic like him haha. I hope there are more fun goth-esque movies to see this summer! It is almost summer ahhh it is super toasty here so I will be spending a lot of time indoors at theaters and drinking yummy iced juices and vegan ice cream cones. Yum yum!!!