Friday, November 27, 2015

Outfit for Nightmare Before Xmas symphony show

Tonight I am attending Nightmare Before Christmas symphony show at Davies Symphony Hall with my love. I found the perfect dress online! It is a burnout pattern of Jack Skellington heads on the dress. It is a lovely form fitting dress with a corset across the middle.

Ballet flats, Forever 21. Tights, Halloween spirit store. Corset Jack Skellington dress, Hot Topic. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gothic cemetery/studio birthday

I love Studio Bon Giorno. My friend Phil owns the studio and I decided to rent it out for my birthday to celebrate with a bunch of my awesome friends. I met Phil and his studio through a member and friend in my goth meetup. His studio and the art there have many gothic elements to it and it truly is a wonderful place to be. I made it a goth cemetery/studio birthday. We all hung out at the studio for gothic goodies and wine then made our way over to the cemetery walk. It is so lovely at the cemetery across the street from Studio Bongiorno. Friends and I visit there often. It was special to us because some of my goth member's relatives are buried there as well. It was a nice over cast day. Towards the end it got a bit sunny but we managed. My family found bats at Williams Sonoma. I'm vegan so I did not eat any but we ordered non dairy pizza for me and there were plenty of hummus and veggies for me to snack on. I had a gluten free, vegan cake. It was decorated with marshmallows which I dont eat so I took them off. I hope my family finds vegan ghost marshmallows next year lolz The decor was simple since there was already so many gothic elements in the studio.

   Phil let me pick some awesome gothic classics plus some metal like my favorite musicians Rob Zombie and Finntroll. It was awesome to have such dark aesthetics and get to listen to a rad sound track. My husband prepped the veggies since he is a chef. (I'm so lucky hehe) and my family helped me set up for my guests. My maid of honor from my wedding who also happens to be a professional photographer was there to take photos. She surprised me with that and between her and my guests we got some amazing photos.

 We had so much fun! If you ever want to try something different try asking your local art studios about renting out the space for your projects or events. Most of them are really chill about it plus you can support a great local business! :D

Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn ghosts

Outfit inspiration: Wednesday Addams

 Outfit:   I love Wednesday Addams. Who doesn't? Her dry, twisted humor got me through my teenage years. When I was 16 I wanted to be Morticia and now I kind of want to be Wednesday and Morticia. I put together this outfit with a rad dress I found on Dolls Kill website. They have a lot of Wednesday type dresses that you can check out. Over the years I have had many vintage dresses that looked Wednesday-esque but I wore most of them out. I have yet to find a grand Morticia dress like the one I wore around high school when I was younger.

Makeup: I am already pretty pale so to look a bit more gothic and macabre and bring out my spooky eyes I blended some pink shadow on top and under my eyes, put a bit of foundation on and blended that into my already pale skin and put a touch of pale pink lipstick on.

Dress, Dolls Kill. 
Cleaver, My own ;) 

Freddy Krueger

Just wanted to share one of my Halloween outfits with you guys. Who are you going to be for Halloween? I can't wait to check out your pics!! 

Favorite fall people and things!

1. Kristen Stewart!
I love her. I will always love her. She is a rad human being and an excellent actress. I loved the Snow White version she portrayed. Such a fun, gothic style type film. I like her in action films and hope she does more movies like that one and The Runaways and American Ultra! 

2.  Mary Mattern and her new cook book, Nom Yourself. 

Aaah I love this blogger and vegan cook. She is so excellent and badass! I love cooking from her book. I find a lot of yummy recipes. Sooo yummy and healthy. 

3. Kat Von D's Shade and Light palette. 

I really like the contouring and I like the videos on youtube that help me figure out how to contour my face better. Whenever I need to bring out different features in my face I use this. 

4. Vegan donuts from Whole Foods. 

Nom nom nom! Such delicious donuts! 

5. Fall baking.

I look forward to pumpkins and yes I am one of those people who likes loads of pumpkin everything. I made some vegan, pumpkin loafs. They are mini and so cute. I hope to eat a lot of pumpkin things and watch loads of Rocky Horror Picture show with friends this fall. 

6. My little skull dress and sweaters from HM  

I pair this with everything and I love the little skulls. I got this from my mom a few Christmas's ago. I love sweaters and I really like curling up near the fire and drinking hot cider with my honey while watching Tim Burton flicks. What are some of your favorite holiday movies? 

7. Tofu Curry.

I love comfort food so much and tofu curry is delicious. I had an old recipe I wrote down from a cafe' I worked at with friends years ago and my husband and I still make this often. 

8. Vegan cookies and Peets coffee. 

Peets is one of the few cafe's that cater to vegans and vegetarians. I wish Starbucks would have more vegan items on their menu :D that would be so rad. I keep writing to them with friends. Vegan pastries please! Also I hope they will some day start using some Almond milk. If you ask Peets they will make almond hot chocolates or almond lattes for you. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hellraiser long sleeve top, Dysfunctional Doll.
Boots, Hot Topic. 
Skirt, Hot Topic. 

I will be screening Hellraiser movies in October for my goth group. I can't wait. It should be fun. I am now the proud owner of at least two pin head shirts. I'm kind of addicted hehe. 

Goth goodies haul

I picked up some gothic goodies at my local shops. At cvs I got some cute batty socks and pumpkin puree for me to make vegan pumpkin pies and I got some gothic cereals for my honey. He loves to nibble on those in October. I picked up a few cute plates at World Market. I love Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein films. I hope they have Dracula stuff next year. I always pick up super yummy pumpkin spice coffee at World Market and make my own vegan pumpkin spice lattes. I got a super cute mug too. They have loads of rad items at World Market right now. 


This is an excellent film. You must check it out :D especially if you like metal. 

Foo Fighters!!

This was an excellent show. I went to the show right after my first tattoo session. I wasn't too sore though. I am so stoked I got to make it out to see them play. Woohoo! it was the perfect end to my day. I love them so much.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Diy skull earrings

These were super easy to make. I found some old chains that were broken off from boots I had but I wanted to recycle the skulls on them so I took them off and made them into earrings. It is easy to find earring hooks and other items at craft stores like Joannes or Michaels. 

Edward Scissorhands haul

I found some Edward Scissorhands comic books and necklace at Hot Topic. I had to have them.