Thursday, April 28, 2016

Traveling tips for the frugal goth :D

If you are anything like me and like to travel A LOT! but also like to be economical and save money you are on the constant search for great traveling tips. A lot of people ask me how I am able to travel so much so I wanted to vlog and blog my tips and tricks for saving cash and still having tons of fun! Whether you are traveling in the states or going places overseas there are always more affordable options than those thrown at you.

1. Be your own travel agent! It might take some time but it is definitely worth it. If you have a travel agent who is affordable and you trust than by all means use them but I find that I am usually just as capable if not more than a travel agent. Plus I really enjoy doing my own research and making those financial decisions.

2. If you are able to get a credit card like American Express or another with travel rewards than do so. I can't tell you how much money I've saved and how much insurance is covered by these awesome cards. I particularly like AMEX because of the coverage they offer me. If someone steals my card or I lose it they are more than helpful to aide me in my needs. I have a few cards and I just make sure I buy all my groceries and items on them and pay them off in time for points. If you are not able to get a card like that you can also try and see if you can get hotels or flights with added benefits. Don't be afraid to ask for help and for deals!

3. If you travel abroad somewhere like England make sure you get an oyster card and travel passes. I was able to save so much that way!

4. Take advantage of all the natural parks, islands, cemeteries and free nature hikes!

5. Don't pay for overly pricey tours that aren't even worth it. You can do your own tours. Google things you want to do and do them :D

6. IF you are going to buy a pricey tour make sure it is one that is worth it. We did only one tour our whole traveling life and that was the Harry Potter tour in England. THAT was definitely worth our time, effort and money and so much fun! All the other tours we did ourselves and saved hundreds.

7. No need to buy an overly priced camera to take pics. I do have a nice camera for blogging etc but some of my best, scenic pics have been taken with my iphone :D

8. If you do go somewhere like Hawaii or another tropical place with lots of water unless you are sure you won't drop your camera in water make sure you have a spare disposable water camera on hand because it will save you a lot of grief! and money just in case.

9. Book your plane ticket a few months ahead of time. The more months the better!

10. When you fly out try and fly out on a middle of the week day NOT a weekend. Weekends are always more expensive.

11. Make sure if you are flying during the holidays it is the first half of December etc because it can be up to $200 dollars cheaper than flying out the day or two before Christmas, plus it gets so busy and obnoxious.

12. Fly during off seasons. This doesn't mean flying during stormy, crappy weather but a little bit of rain isn't going to hurt you :D It can save you hundreds. If you do decide to fly during peak season try doing loads of research before you spend all of that money. I am flying to Hawaii on peak season but only because we are moving right after to San Luis Obispo area and we don't have time to go another time however I got my tickets 4 months ago and they were only a couple hundred each as opposed to what some of my friends have paid.

13. If you take a shuttle to save money make it a shared shuttle. It isn't that big of  a deal riding with strangers especially if you can save $20 bucks. That can add up.

14. When you are abroad or anywhere else go to fancy places but go during happy hour. You can save at least $15-20 :D

15. Abroad places in Europe try Tapas bars and more foreign food places like Indian etc you can save so much money instead of eating all that fancy, greasy food but remember if you do go eat certain food I find the pubs to be more affordable than some of the fancy restaurants.

16. Bring a lap top to watch films in your down time at hotel room instead of going to some expensive theater aimed at tourists.

17. If you go to a ballet like  I did get standing room tickets. We got standing tickets on a balcony for $20 bux and had great views. Some of the people right below us paid at least $100 or more. Crazy!

18. If you eat out at a super expensive place try ordering sides and kid's meals and it will be way less money. I have no shame. I don't think there is anything wrong with ordering a kid's meal and honestly all of the places I have been to have not said no.

19. Hoof it instead taking a cab or fancy car service. You will work off those extra calories from all those goodies you ate, help the environment and save yourself some cash!

20. Don't buy airplane food. Bring your own and eat it before you go into the area where you have to chuck your food and drinks!

21. Don't underestimate a good bed and breakfast or hostel :D both of these options can be cheap. I found a bed and breakfast in London. It was lovely. Have your toast and beans in the morning and save money too! If you get a place with a shared bathroom than you save even more.

22. In Portland we decided not to spend money on fancy tours and opted to do our own hikes. In Seattle we took beautiful photos of the Space Needle. If you really must go on the space needle than go ahead but we were honestly more interested in the EMP museum.

23. Go to the free and cheap museums for travelers. You can always find free museums!

24. If you shop go to the local markets and street vendors. It will be more ethnic, worldly and cool. Who wants to pay for overpriced tourist crap...well some people but you can find such cool things and you will be shopping like a local and supporting local businesses.

25. Two words: FOOD TRUCKS! they have awesome food trucks in states like Hawaii, Portland and California plus many other places. Eating out doesn't have to cost a zillion dollars. Seriously and you might be less likely to get food poisoning. I have friends that have dined at restaurants with rich foods and come away super ill. Street food vendors are usually awesome and fresh! The only exception to this is India. My relative got very sick in India after I told them not to eat the street food so be careful folks! also if some random person comes up to you offering food if they aren't an official vendor or food truck you should probably say no haha. I knew someone who got dosed by some drugs so being frugal doesn't mean being stupid :D Just be chill and know your surroundings.

26. Go to places during festivals because they are usually cheaper and you can party like the locals and get some really cool items and foods!

27. Make a budget folks! I always make a budget for shopping and I wait at least 15 minutes or 20 min to really think it over: Do I really need this cute top or do I need this cute goth top because it is in England/Hawaii/Cuba wherever. Sometimes we can get a little overzealous when the shopping bug bites so try and use logic instead of passion when shopping for cute goods.

28. Eat a big lunch and a light dinner: Lunch time is usually the cheapest time to eat and dinner is FAR more expensive so stick to salads/beans/rice etc. Also make sure you buy food not perishable like grains/breads/peanut butter if you need to make a midnight snack so you don't go ordering expensive room service. Nothing wrong with ordering it once but doing it often can add up so make sure you go to local mart and grab some snacks. Overseas the markets are actually cheaper than here. Seriously I did the math. Just look around and you can find great local eats.

These are my travel tips!! if you have more list them in the comments. Happy Travels!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lisbeth Salander style inspiration

Found a great vegan friendly store on etsy called Disaster in a Halo. I am obsessed with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I love the books and the films. I wrote a great piece about it on my other blog Vegan Goth but wanted to share my pics of the clothes here. Go check it out. Lisbeth rocks! I lover her badass style and attitude and her punk/goth style. The Swedish movies are my favorite but I love the new English version too. For fans of the books and movies who want to cosplay or just own a bit of Lisbeth style the store is everything you would imagine. It is such a find. I personally would like a whole Lisbeth Salander wardrobe. I can't wait until the other films come out.  Here is link to my other blog post also. The other post is a bit more personal and focuses less on fashion and more on the character of Lisbeth and why she means so much to me:

Here is a link to the disaster in a halo shop: Disasterinahalo