Saturday, May 17, 2014

Coffee and goth shopping in Portland

I started off my morning with a cup of delicious coffee from World Cup located at Powells Books then we grabbed food from the awesome food truck selection they have there. The coolest part about that is they have vegetarian and vegan options. I later checked out a really amazing vintage toy store today and a cool record store then later went to an amazing gothic/punk style shop I found down town. It was amazing and the girl who worked there was really cool and fun to talk to. I found some great gothic pieces and I can't wait to show them off. If you ever come to Portland and are looking for goth shops please check out Another State of Mind. My favorite goth stores were that one and Metro. Both have some great gothic and punk rock alternative type wear.

Dreary Dearest

Portland is the perfect back drop for dark, gothic photo shoots. Love this city! It is perfectly overcast with a bit of sun and sometimes rain. It has not rained yet but I look forward to rain in the future.

Evanescence tank top, ebay.
Skirt, thrifted.
Necklace, a shop in Portland.

Portland Saturday Market

 Portland Saturday market was awesome. There were a lot of boho type items, jewelry, loads of food and a few cool gothic items. I even found a lady selling handmade jack and sally boho/goth bags haha I have never heard of hippie goth but if it exists this was it lol. It was actually pretty cool. There was a guy selling some cool gothic goblets, nerdy awesomeness like Link's shield from legend of zelda and a really amazing street performer who managed to put himself through a tennis racket and later balanced while juggling sharp knives with the tennis racket still around him. He must have been double jointed or something! I have never seen anyone do that. It was a great day. If you find yourself in Portland check out the Saturday market. So rad!