Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

This past weekend I attended the Frankestein film festival at Stanford movie theater in Palo Alto California. If you get a chance to check out that old theater you should. We stayed at the historic Cardinal hotel which was old Spanish style 1920's and had really cool old elevators. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Goth outfit inspiration: Nancy in The Craft

 One of the most important movies in high school for me was The Craft with Fairuza Balk. Nancy was loved by many. She embodied the rebellion in many of us and we kind of rooted for her in that film despite her mean and crazy ways and she was fun to watch.  The girls in that film were brave, fierce and fashion forward. If there was anything that film taught us it was good triumphs over evil and we need not overuse power and to be thankful for the natural gifts we have. Many years later we still find the influence of that 90s film in many of our clothing items that we style, our makeup, our attitudes. Gotta admit when the going gets rough some of us have a little snarky, tough Nancy in us that we gravitate towards to fight on.


It's that time of year again. I love going to see the Frankenstein movies at the old Stanford movie theater in Palo Alto, Ca. (My hometown) If you haven't seen the old versions you really should check them out. There is something so incredibly magical about old films. 

Beetlejuice DIY hand stitched patch sweater

I love hand stitching and get great pleasure from making and reworking my own items. I recently found this awesome striped piece that was perfect for my Beetlejuice patch. I have such a love for all things Tim Burton as is very apparent with my themed tattooed sleeve. I enjoy doing DIY so much and I love sharing it with you all.  I put it on my shop: Winter's Store Envy

Friday, April 13, 2018

Apocalyptic Beauty makeup on etsy

I love doing swatches on my hands because my arms are too tatted up to do any lol Check out Apocalyptic Beauty. She has some great stuff. The two shadows I got were Existenstial Vampire which had a beautiful red/rust shade that had a pretty shimmer to it and was pigmented and Death comes to your little town which was a nice deep purple shade. She also gave me a sample of the beautiful shade Season of the Witch. My favorite shade was the vampire one. I am a sucker for anything with red inside of it and it goes perfect with my aesthetic. I loved Season of the Witch too. I liked this one because it seemed to have a bit of blue to it as well. Please support local and independent artists over really huge companies. I try and support when I can. The only popular makeup I really like is probably Kat Von D because her makeup has great pigmented shades and she is pure vegan and cruelty free as well. Check out Apocalyptic Beauty! 

Link to makeup: 

Lilies and Goths

I have really been into drawing little red haired goth vampire girls and lilies lately. Not sure why but check my items out on my shop. I have good prices and all originals here :D $10 for small, original mixed media pieces plus clothing and candelabras I rework and goth up. Happy Spring everyone! 
Link to my shop: Eternal Wynter Store Envy

Review of Night Fiend palette by Blackcraft

Pros: The packaging was badass as hell and I loved Bloodmoon.
Cons: The shadow was not as pigmented as a lot of people liked. It went on well with my skin tone but I'm super pale. I had friends with more dark olive to dark skin tones that tried it and you could barely see it on them. I am not going to complain much though because the price was great. I also really loved the coffins. I hope they can come up with something more pigmented and some deeper hues. I would love a vampire style palette with more deep reds, blacks and blues. To those of you that complained on my instagram and youtube, if you are not happy with certain aspects of products I urge you to write to the company and let them know. Please be polite when writing to people and sending requests. I loved the packaging beyond words. I have a death moth tattoo on my arm so that is kind of what drew me to it. I hope to see what colors they will come up with in the future! 

My newly furnished Gothic bedroom

My friend is badass. I redid my room and he helped me get my display together for all my gothic purses, accessories, jewelry etc on my walls. He did such a great job. Thank you so much!!

He put in a portable hanger set for my diy items from my shop. 

He added display for my purses to adorn my walls. 

He added beautiful displays for my gothic jewelry. 

Beautiful display on my dresser with my handmade DIY candleabra. 

Where I get my patches

I always get asked where I get most of my patches and buttons. I get them from various shops in town and online. I recently got this rad Beetlejuice patch from etsy shop Infinity Dreams Print Shop.