Saturday, March 3, 2018

90s outfit inspirations

"I am Doll Parts"....

Growing up in the 90's I was always fascinated by the music, style and pe
ople. Here I highlight some of my favorite inspirations from the 90s. At some point I would like to do an all goth 90s characters post. I will start putting one together with fun outfits. This post though I focused on grunge, grunge rock, indie, ska etc. From Courtney and Kurt to Gwen Stefani. Enjoy! 

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain.
Dress, Courtney Love collection from Nasty Gal. Shoes, Converse. Glasses, ebay. Faux fur coat,
Forever 21. Striped tee, H&M. 
Gwen Stefani
If you were a child of the 90s you most likely knew a Gwenebee or two haha. Gwen rocked her eclectic rock style really good back then. Throw on some track pants and a tank top and pair with red lipstick for a cool throwback No Doubt outfit.
Shoes: Vans, Skirt, ebay. Tank top, Forever 21. 

Who can forget the Anarchist cheerleaders in Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit music vid that embodied the rebellion and attitudes in teens like me and others at the time.
Anarchy tank top, Etsy.
Skirt, Forever 21.
Pom Poms, Amazon.

Sometimes I like to pretend I worked there.... lol
Empire Records Lanyard, Something Monumental shop on etsy. 

Everything has a season....

It can take months to even years to heal from breakups whether it be with a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member etc. Life is a journey and it has its ups and downs but I have tried to make the most of it the past year. I love nature, traveling and just hanging with friends. I find it best not to isolate myself when I am feeling down. Sometimes I am a loner and I need to be alone and need my down time but I love having friends and fellowship with others too. I hope someone out there will find this and read this, look at my pics, find some inspiration. Love to you all wherever you are in the world. Love and peace on your journeys. Deaths are a part of life and that is why I embrace the goth community so much and love it to it's core because it embraces darkness and light and does not run away from feeling pain and growing from it. Cheers <3

We killed Laura Palmer.....

Twin Peaks fandom

A little retail therapy and coffee always helps. 

Almond Lattes at Scouts in Slo. 

My new Silence of the Lambs Death Moth tattoo by Jared Thinger

Jared Thinger is my tattoo artist located in Grover Beach, Ca is amazing. He did this beautiful Death Moth tattoo inspired by Silence of the Lambs. I have always wanted to get a tribute to that movie and I juxtaposed it with my Lord of the Rings sleeve. I love his amazing black and gray work and realism plus he does amazing color as well. I will put a link to him below. 

He did my Lord of the Rings evenstar and elvish script on my lower inner arm. 

Outfit of the day inspirations lately

Got this fun sweatshirt. I love Stranger Things pictured here with my vegan donut lol 

More art up on my Eternal Wynter shop

Pen ink and pencil/small fox pics up on my shop for $15 all original and unframed. Devil Girl, original acrylic painting also up on my shop:

Gothy gifts

My boyfriend got me these sweet gothy gifts from Spencers and velvet o ring choker from a shop in Santa Cruz. I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I am updating tons of pics from my adventures that I did not have a chance to past few months. Missing earrings from this pic  I am wearing at the moment lol

New art up on my store envy shop! Link below.

New art on my Eternal Wynter store envy shop! All originals ranging from $10-15. I am selling art and clothing right now on ebay and store envy to help with medical bills/groceries etc so if you are interested please check my link:

Alice Cooper vintage tee DIY

I love thrift shops and I love doing DIYs so I found this cool Alice Cooper tee at a vintage shop in L.A and decided to chop it up and make it look more rock. You can check out the video on my eternal wynter youtube channel. Please like and subscribe if you haven't already :) 

Life Update plus Beetlejuice coffee tumbler

As many of you may know who watch my eternal wynter youtube channel I got a divorce a while back. It was amicable and we are still friends. Sometimes thing just don't work out. I haven't blogged in a while and I missed you guys but I will blogging more in future. Thanks to those vloggers and blogger friends and followers who kept me cheery, sent me kind messages and were there for me. I really appreciate it. Here are some fun pics of me and my pup, Thor. I chopped 8 inches of hair off a while back and it is growing out from my recent pixie. I have been dying it fun colors. 

Can you believe I have had this sweater since high school!

Thor and his toy husky! 

Found this tumblr at Starbucks and it reminded me of Beetlejuice. It matched my sweater. 

We both wear collars ahaha