Sunday, June 22, 2014

Photo shoot at Presidio of Sanfrancisco

Yesterday I shot photos of people in San Francisco. As some of you know besides modeling I also do photography as a side profession. I have been doing so for many years and enjoy it very much. I did some film and photography training through the years in San Francicso, De Anza and Foothill. For info and to check out my other photography here is my site: winteradvian

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wanderer of light and shadow

I got a visit from my cousins who are from Canada. That was a lovely time. I can't wait to go and see them next. I chose this outfit because of it's simplicity and paired it with my gothic Thor hammer pendant that is decorated with runes. I got it at a metal show. It is dear to me. 

Sheer tank and hooded sweater, H&M. 
Jeans, Hot Topic. 
Thor hammer/rune necklace, metal show. 
Black flats, H&M. 

Goth club outift of the day

I suppose I should say outfit of the evening since I don't go clubbing in the day but here it is. I wore this ensemble during my recent goth outing. I prefer vampiric or romantic gothic style since that is what I mostly identify with but I also love industrial style as well. It is always fun to see everyone's unique styles at the clubs and go out dancing with my friends.

Skirt, ebay. 
Tank top/cami, the gothic shop uk.
Blood vile necklace, online. 
Ribbon choker necklace, etsy. 

Bram Stoker's Dracula screening

This is one of my all time favorite films to watch. I love both Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder. Friends and I got together for a Bram Stoker's Dracula screening. You can't beat the 90's film. We plan to screen old school Nosferatu and some other vampire movies in the future. I decorated with a vintage Dracula comic poster I bought from a friend, bat plush dolls, my Dracula book, themed purse, scented candle, gargoyle and purple bat string lights my friend Tom gave me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dance all night

Love the Death Guild at DNA Lounge. When in SF it is many of us goth's second home. If you visit San Francisco go check it out. You can't beat great industrial music, dancing and rad friends. The staff is very friendly and they have delicious coffee ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Feeling Victorian

Took photos before I got hair done the other day. There was quite a bit of light but I kind of liked the effect it had.... a bit angelic and ethereal so I kept it. I am use to taking photos in the shadows but even this little vampire needs a little light once in a while. I am all done with it now as I shun the sun but at least I got 10 minutes of it haha. I can't wait to head to the beach in the evenings this summer for bonfires and watching the beautiful dark waves. I hope you all have a lovely summer season.

Skirt, top, Hot Topic.
Necklace, Dahlia Deranged on etsy.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Outfit inspiration: Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter

I love Tonk's style in Harry Potter. She is married to Remis Lupin who is a werewolf and defense against the dark arts teacher. I love her wardrobe in the film. She is very gothic with a bit of punk added in. She wears a really cool bell necklace, which I recreated myself with velvet choker and bells I sewed on. I got them at Joanne Fabrics. Nymphadora's wand is actually a Harry Potter replica wand I purchased in England and for her broom I used a fighting stick with collected twigs tied/taped on the back. For her makeup I blended a gothic berry lip with some chap stick and did a thicker eyeliner with smudged purple shadow on top. It was a very affordable alternative to buying actual broom and I love to DIY a lot of my items when I'm dressing up. Enjoy!

My DIY necklace I made for my cosplay is now up for sale :>
Email me for details if you are interested before it is gone. I will post update if it sells.

Striped top, Portland Oregon from Another State of mind shop.
Boots, vegan docs from Urban Outfitters.
Wand, Harry Potter studios in England.
Gothic trench, Hot Topic.