Friday, June 16, 2017

New gothic vampire necklace and current reads

I got this lovely vampire necklace from Avelina De Moray's shop online. She is an incredible artist and musician. Check her shop out here:Avelina De Moray 

The Silent Girls is a really cool book by Eric Rickstad. Creepy and fun to read. Check it out! 

Also got this beautiful Vampire art top from Avelina's shop. 

New Wolfheart cd. This band rocks. Check it out if you enjoy metal. 

More posters for my room :D 

Still really loving my blue hair. 

Goth in Las Vegas part II

My friends took me to Las Vegas again. I love blogging about that city. There is so much energy. We look to go back in the Fall after traveling to Seattle again. Las Vegas is so fun and there are some really cool goths and alternative people there I always meet so I decided to show off some more of my travel pics. I hope you get a chance to visit and check out some of the goth nights there. While we were there we were given VIP tickets to the Baz Lurman show which was amazing. I love all of his movies so this was really fun to watch and I definitely recommend it to people who go. 

They have a delicious vegan menu at the Venetian.