Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Creepy Dolls

One of my best friends collects creepy, haunted dolls. I am completely serious. I have been to her home and her house is surrounded by them. She seeks them out, particularly haunted ones and I hope to photograph them at some point and do a blog post on her collection. I found some vintage photographs of my relatives the other day but these photos of my grandmother caught my eye. When she was a little girl she collected dolls and posed with them. She would take them everywhere. Some of them were life sized and even taller than her but the strangest, creepiest one was a doll she loved named Dimples. I have since found out that the doll is still in our upstairs closet. I love the idea of spooky dolls and find them fascinating.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

    To wrap up my posts about my trip to Seattle I wanted to write about something that is very dear to my heart. My love surprised me with tickets to the Montage of Heck film. This is one of the most poignant, true and beautiful pieces of cinema I have ever seen. It is melancholy, raw and amazing. I hope that everyone is able to get a chance to see this. Stoked I was able to see it while in Seattle. Brett Morgen and others did an amazing job in putting this film together.

      If you get a chance to visit Seattle please do. This is an amazing city full of much culture, diversity, brilliant music, artists, delicious food, beer, coffee and such kind and down to earth people. I have traveled many places but I was treated with more kindness in this city than anywhere else. People are real here, down to earth and excited to tell you about their city's rich history. You will love the water and nature here. There are so many places to hike and venture out to. The music history is amazing... from Jimi Hendrix, to Nirvana, Melvins and many more.

They had these books for sale at the cinema so I picked one up.

Gargoyle Statuary

Another favorite place I visited while in Seattle was Gargoyle Statuary. This place was wicked awesome! I ended up ordering some rad pieces and having them shipped because I didn't want them to get hurt in my suitcase. I also got an amazing Mjolnir pendant necklace which I will be wearing constantly. They have some amazing local artists and people from all around the make beautiful items. They have such cool Gargoyles. The first time my husband and I discovered the shop was online when he was shopping for Gargoyles to get me. He ended up getting me an amazing Gryphon piece from this shop. They have an online store but if you can get to the physical shop they have much more than what you see online. The staff is incredibly friendly, chill and helpful. Honestly I have visited quite a few goth type shops and I can't stress enough how awesome the people in Seattle are. This is by far the friendliest goth scene I have ever happened upon. Literally all of the people I met in the shops there were friendly and happy to have me. Check out this store if you get a chance. Please support local businesses like Gargoyle Statuary. Check out some of their rad items below.

Edge of Circle Books in Seattle

I think a lot of people will love this store. This is by far one of my favorite shops I found in Seattle. The staff there is so incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. Some book shops I have been to were a bit pretentious but not this one. I loved the energy here. There is something for everyone. Among other books they had Aleister Crowley books, vampire books, candles and some beautiful statues and jewelry along with much much more. If you love occult and Pagan shops you will be impressed. I was particularly thrilled that they had a good amount of Norse items. I found a viking ship and some mjolnir pendants which I adored plus they had a Frigga pendant, some cool runes and a Norse statues as well. I love that they had so much to choose from. Such a cool vibe and friendly place.

This Baphomet statue was amazing!

Hecate triple Goddess statue. Gorgeous! 

Sooo much amazing jewelry. I wanted to buy it all :D 

Loads of candles and oils. 

A vast array of books. 

Cafe's in Seattle

Some of my favorite cafe's I will post up here. I didn't get to visit them all but next time I will visit more. I talked to a lot of the locals and they gave me a heads up on some of their favorite spots. If there is one thing Seattle is known for it is their excellent coffee. If you go, definitely check some of these out. I hope you coffee nuts enjoy this post ;)

I found a Starbucks here that serves liquor. Awesome. I hope more Starbucks follow this trend soon. I'd love to see this in San Francisco if they haven't done it already. 

Yum. I have always really liked Tully's coffee. The only one I can find in Bay Area is SF.

Cafe Argento was awesome. They also had vegetarian and vegan goodies. It was nestled on Capitol Hill, which is a pretty popular place for college age people like myself and others. 

Thank you to the awesome chick from the book shop who told me about Kaladi Brothers cafe. It was delicious and they had healthy salads and other goodies as well. These were some of the favorite cafe's I visited. I loved how organic and tasty their coffee's were in Seattle and most places didn't put too much syrup in them and make them overly sugary like some places do.

Caffe Ladro was one of my favorites. The girl at the bar made the most delicious soy, vanilla latte. She told me they made their own vanilla beans there and you could definitely taste how fresh and non sugary everything was. It was just the right amount. I picked up a gluten free, vegan, raspberry brownie bite to pair with it. It was so incredibly amazing. I definitely will be back there.