Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coffee and Cinema

Picked up this cute I need Coffee bag at Forever 21, went for coffee with my love and made homemade butternut squash soup when I got home. Later we watched Iron Man 3. I love all the Iron Man films. So fun. Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favorite actors.

Striped hoodie, Heavy Red, Stripe black rose purse, Restyle from the Gothic Shop. Leg warmers, etsy. I need coffee tote, Forever21. Iron Man top, Forever21. Vegan boots, Amazon. 

New Jack Skellington goodies

Stocked up on loads of goodies at Walgreens. They have a lot of Nightmare before Christmas items on sale at the moment for very affordable and reasonable prices. I was stoked when my friends clued me on about this and went with a friend to grab some items. Love my new Jack Skellington mug :> 

Black Cats

Got this amazing black cat kittie crop top hoodie from etsy. I love it. I will wear it often during autumn months. It is time to break out more of my fall boots as well. They are incredibly comfy.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gothic Homemaking

For an early birthday present my mom brought me to Williams Sonoma and surprised me with a dish and mug set that was gothic themed. It was incredibly thoughtful and sweet of her to get me my own set. I was so excited. They were incredibly friendly. She got me a bat wine stopper, coasters and crow candle holders as well. The medallion plates came with a bat, a skull, a serpent and a crow. I am slowly getting my house decor to look more and more like the Addams Family and that is quite an accomplishment. I can't wait to show off my new set to friends and entertain them.

Gothic style dish set, mugs, coasters, wine stopper, candle holders from Williams Sonoma. 

New Laura Flook tshirt!

If you love the show Oddities, there is a lady named Laura Flook who is on there who makes amazing clothing. Some day I hope to save up enough and get one of her beautiful dresses. Go watch Oddities! it is one of the best shows ever. I want to catch the other show she is in. I love her site. I got this tshirt off of there. I love how it was packaged with a morgue toe tag. It was so rad and thoughtful and I love beautiful, strange ideas and things. I will cherish this shirt. I have worn it pretty much every other day this week. It goes with so many of my items and it is ridiculously soft! I was excited when the package arrived. I can't wait to show it off over and over.

Cheap and affordable gothic items

I found some really great affordable gothic items at Halloween store and Ross. I love going to Halloween City and other costume places because the tights and fishnets there are so much more affordable than those I find elsewhere. I even picked up a fun Halloween themed cd while I was there. I love Yankee candles. They smell so delicious. They retail up to $14-$27 dollars at other stores but I found this Halloween/Haunted house themed one for $4 dollars at Ross. Such a great deal! I also picked up this cute bat globe. It has cool skulls and instead of snowing when you shake it, it snows bats. Haha!! How super goth lolz. My friends all want one. It was only around 4 dollars. 

Pre Halloween celebrations

I made some delicious pumpkin muffins and my husband picked up a yummy pear cider for me which my friends and I drank entirely. It was so good and I look forward to more! Friends got together to celebrate. We dined on fancy pasta, garlic bread and fresh organic salad, more pumpkin treats and English beer and hung out. We had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy your holidays! 

Super cute candles and Pez my friend got me. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Affordable gothic outfit: Stripes and Crossbones

Picked up this adorable gothy striped tee at Ross for super cheap. 

While I was at Ross I picked up some seasonal blend coffee my friend told me about.  It was only about $4 bucks. Honestly, I tried it and its pretty darn good but you will want like a tablespoon in a half to get it nice and caffeinated. I love deals at Ross. Thanks friend! 

I got this amazing long sleeved striped shirt from Ross for around $5, leggings for $10 at Forever 21 and if you wait and they still have leggings in stock sometimes some of the leggings will go on sale for around $5. My boots are vegan ugg boots off Amazon for way cheaper than the regular ones and I got this lovely skull ring for $1.99 at Walgreens. Necklace, Good Goth on sale. Skull bracelet, Dolls Kill. (At the moment skull bracelets are on sale for $15.)