Monday, July 28, 2014

Buffy the Vampire slayer night Summer Edition

What do goths do when it is sweltering hot outside? We get together, clothes swap, shop, eat home made cupcakes, popsicles and have Buffy marathons :D We also go the the beach we just do it at night or on overcast days. At least I do :> I am more of a creature of the night but that doesn't mean I can't get outside. We just do it in the shade ;)

My good friend whom I also model for brought some goodies from her store Arsenic Fashions and we all did a little shopping. So glad we could get some cool items! 

My friend and his new awesome gloves from Arsenic Fashions. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Goth accessories haul from Hot Topic

A lot of people complain about Hot Topic but honestly if you look and are just patient you can find some cool goth goods there. A trick I do is look up my favorite brand names like Lip Service etc and if you are still not satisfied do what I do and just look for 90's hot topic, Lip Service or morbid threads items on ebay or etsy. I find so many cool vintage goth goods. I just look for "gothic clothing" or other. Also if you look for gothic chokers on ebay you can find tons for super cheap! 

Cards and Coffee

Today I got together with friends, read some fairie oracle cards, played cards against humanity and drank coffee. We later caught  a late dinner at Plutos. It was a lot of fun. I forgot my traditional tarot cards but the fairie cards were rad. Those are some of my favorites!

Music book haul from Book Buyers

Went to my local used bookstore and stalked up on some books this weekend. I found quite a few treasures. My husband was sick so I got him a few books to read as well. If you are ever in Mountain View California check out Book Buyers. It is one of my favorite used book,cd and movie stores. There are quite a few cool knick knacks and they even started carrying a few metal and goth cds.

Game of Thrones satchel bag

Got this Game of Thrones satchel bag at Mountain View General store in Mountain View, Ca. If you happen to be in Bay Area or traveling there you should check this place out. It is run by a friend of mine. She is super rad and shows a lot of cool things and artists at her shop. You walk in and it is like a live etsy shop. There is also a really great cafe', Dana Street which is my favorite cafe' across the street. This bag will go everywhere with me for the next few months.