Monday, April 29, 2013

Japan street style

For people who are into Japanese street style you might find this interesting. My soon to be husband is part Japanese, some of his family is from Japan. We sometimes watch anime. I don't like all anime but I do appreciate The Black Butler, a few others  and also a lot of the horror movies from Japan. We also enjoy looking at the Fruits books. Even though Gothic Lolita style isn't my main thing I do like drawing inspiration from some of the lolita style and even visual kei and some punk rock inspired looks. I really love the alternative culture and all it has to offer. I hope to some day visit Japan. These books I got for a good price at the used book store near my house. They can be expensive so it was wonderful to find them at such good prices.

Outfit inspiration: Tribal gothic

I am not tribal gothic myself I am more romantic or industrial but I really like to try out different looks once in a while and mix them with my own. I find gothic industrial works well paired with some tribal inspired things. I found this lovely skirt at Dolma and paired it with a really light weight cyber cropped jacket from Lip Service's Millenium Moon collection, a pretty spiral tribal style necklace and some rad platforms. It was pretty hot out today but I found this outfit to be easy to wear and keep cool in.

Skirt, Dolma. Spiral wood necklace, etsy. Jacket, Lip Service. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Diy top my friends made me

I enjoy gothic music as well as viking and folk metal so some of my best friends made me this amazing top from a Korpiklaani band t-shirt. It is beautiful and has a cool corset backing to it so I may lace it up tighter if I like. It also has wonderful grommets placed all the way down from front to back It was incredibly thoughtful of them. I love hand made gifts and I shall cherish this for a long time.

My weekend

The start of my weekend was nice. After work on Friday I went to the cinema and saw Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I always love old cinema. I went to see a sci fi film with my mom the next day and spotted some really cute ducks. They came right up towards me and hung out. I hope you all have a fun time this weekend. I know there is a Cherry Blossom festival in Cupertino, I'm sad I could not make it because my love got called into work very early but there will be many fun festivals this summer. 

I wanted a lip gloss that was not too pricey. I saw this gloss and it appealed to me because of the lovely flowers inside. Sometimes I find some very fun items. It is cherry scented as well. 

Look what came in the mail today

 I got a few used cds for super cheap because some of them had cracks on the cases. Some of the cds were less than two dollars.

Love The Cure

They have really old used movies for cheap online and at places like Rasputins. I think this was only  a few dollars. I always shop for the really good deals. I really like older films a lot. 

Very good cd. 

One of my favorites. I first saw this in foreign cinema class. 


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Diy Coffin necklace

This was a fun one to do. A while back I got a few supplies to make some necklaces. This was one of the necklaces I made. I think I got these at my local bead store. Whenever I want to make necklaces I look online, joannes fabrics, michaels and also ebay or bead stores. I look in the Halloween sections or other ones and get the necessary things. If you want to make a necklace I suggest you get some good jewelry pliers. I have small ones that I use for everything. I also make sure I get several hoops or hooks to piece the pendant on, a nice sturdy cord and voila! 

Super fun and cute. It even opens :) 

More of my movie collection

I love the voiceover of the unicorn in this film. The lady has such a cool voice. I have seen this movie so many times its not even funny. I loooove the last unicorn! 

I actually threw a gremlins party once. Complete with cut outs and everything. It was so much fun. I think gizmo is the cutest little guy in the entire universe. 

This is cool and very steampunk. Liked it a lot.
One of my favorite Disney films. 

Just got this movie cheap on a dvd haul. Love this film. She has blue hair too! 

Addicted to this film. So strange and fun.

Just got this. I lost my other copy.

I really liked this version of snow white. 

Of course one of my ultimate favorites! 

Fun books

I love this author. This book is a fun, witty read. 

The movie is fun too. 

I love this. Loads of fun arts and crafts to do. I really like this book a lot. I love anything gothic, arts and crafts. I am going to be making a few things for my friends and house from this book.

Always a fun read! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Game review for ipad: The Room

One of the better games I found for ipad was The Room. It isn't a super long game but it has some creepy fun elements that I think people will enjoy. If you like puzzle games you will dig this one. Full of mysterious symbols, locks, various keys and other interesting things I felt it was worth the two dollars I paid. I dont usually buy many games for my ipad but I definitely recommend this one. Perfectly suited for anyone including techies, gamers or  corporate goths that might want to do something fun on their breaks at work.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some of my movie collection

I wanted to share a big lot of my movie collection with you. These are just what I like. It's cool if you are not into them but if you are let me know which ones you dig. These movies inspire me, make me happy and are fun to watch with friends. What movies do you like? what makes you happy, laugh, cry, inspires you? I'd love some great movie recommendations to add to collection.  

This movie is eerie and fun.

Just got a new copy of this. It is always creepy.

My friends really like this one a lot. 

Finally purchased this. It was on netflix forever but I really wanted to own this .

One of my ultimate favorites. Looove

If you like sci fi you might like this. Its a trip.

Some of my friends say it is cheesy and nuts but I don't care. I love it. I haven't yet read the book!! I know shame on me but some day I will. I love Anne Rice. 

One of my favorite movies of all time. My wedding is all Tim Burton themed and this is one of the films that I am centering a lot of the decor on. Love Jack and I love going to Disneyland to take pics with Jack and Sally during their Halloween time. I wish some day to go to Bats day! 

Ahhh one of my favorite vampire films of all time. I love this book. Love Anne Rice and really think the casting was pretty awesome. I really liked Antonio Banderas in it as well. He was brilliant. 

I got this a while ago for super cheap. When I was younger I wanted to have Addams Family as my family haha. I think they are the most awesome characters ever. 

This is a fun movie.  I watched it quite a bit in high school. 

I can't put my finger on exactly why I like this movie so much. 

Haha I think I own all the Lost Boys films. 

Allen and my anniversary movie. We love this film. 

Awesome :> 

Ahh this is one of my favorite versions of Sherlock Holmes! This show is really stellar. My friends and I like to argue which versions we like better but this is mine! 

This film makes me laugh so hard. It is a staple in my house during the holidays. I think Will Ferrell is hilarious in this and it just makes me really happy to watch this with my dad. 

Elegant, sexy and disturbing. As a person who has a sibling that is a professional ballet dancer this film kind of hits home haha. It is very freaky and kind of shows dark side of ballet. 

Love!!Another favorite. The first time I saw this movie I saw it in the theater with a friend.

Fun always! 

Creepy and interesting movie. 

I really like this. Very interesting commentary on media's obsession with creepy killers, murderers etc. I think it is actually disturbingly accurate even though it is exaggerated. 

This is always a fun one.