Monday, September 22, 2014

Holographic Dreamz

This weekend I modeled for Holographic Dreamz lookbook. They have some cute stuff. The designer has a punk,gothic, grunge type vibe.

Check out her shop here:
Holographic Dreamz

Holographic Dreamz "alien beanie"

"Vapor Wave" beanie

"Happy Face" beanie

"Sailor Moon Luna Cat" Beanie

"Holographic Purpz" beanie

Show with No Name at Studio Bon Giorno

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Went to a really cool art show recently at Studio Bon Giorno. One of my pieces was also in the show. It was a lovely night. Great energy, fun dancer, other talented artists and a live painting with music. It was so much fun. I hope to attend the next show in the future.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Halloween Decor for 2014

Got this adorable bat at Mtn View General store and these lovely owl candles at Joanne's Fabrics. 

My friend gave me some of these adorable jack and sally items. 

My friend had a birthday so we made bat cupcakes and decorated them with bats that I found at Michaels. I got so many cute items for Halloween like my bat and mice silhouettes. I go all out for Hallow's Eve and Fall in general. My best friend gave me some really cute Jack and Sally themed items to go with my other decorations and I used an urn with rocks found on the beach from our wedding as  the  main center piece. We had quite a fun time and I really enjoyed it. 

Punk rock inspired outfit

I wanted to put together a punk inspired outfit that was still goth so I put on my platforms and bondage mini before I went to the record store. I rather like plaid. I own a few red pieces. 

Baphomet necklace, Dahlia Deranged on etsy.
Mini, clothing swap.
Plaid top/dress, Hot Topic. 
Fishnet, a place in down town Santa Cruz. 

Frugal goth dress

I find quite a few cool gothic style pieces at stores like H&M. You can get a dress there for like ten dollars or less sometimes. I love that store. This lovely dress was about 9 dollars or so.