Thursday, October 27, 2016

Goth band HAUNTED HAUS and 80's revivalists.

I wanted to show off a fun video by the band Haunted Haus. I wish I had discovered this band a while ago.  This video is from their seminal 1988 album "Goth As Moff"  The song is called"Sad Party" that is kind of a takeoff from fun goth videos back in the day. I talked to one of the dudes in the band who told me he eats fruitarian style which is rad! Love to other vegans :) He filmed the video with vhs and it really takes me back to 80's 90's era. It was a fun watch. They did a throw back to the 80's satire video that was so fun to watch. I love the weird, grainy footage and the chorus will be stuck in my head lolz if you are an alternative like me who does not take yourself too seriously then you might enjoy this band and video. Check their youtube out here: HAUNTED HAUS

Other tracks you might dig are Goth Forbid,

Here is a link to their facebook as well: Haunted Haus facebook

If you are interested in purchasing their album here is their bandcamp: ALBUM

I want to talk about other 80s revivalists. If you happen to be a goth or alternative person who is obsessed with that era I'd love to get to know you. There is something grungy, dangerous, glam and wicked about that era. I grew up as a kid and always admired all the punks and goths I met. I aspired to be like them and I loved bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure and many more. I hope this post can inspire some of you to get your best 80's on. I love the fashion, the style, the diy, the music, almost everything about that era. If you search on instagram you can find a plethora of young and old who are still stuck on the 80's. With the resurgence of badass Spielburg-esque gothic style 80's shows like Stranger Things it is a sign that this era is not dead. I love watching elder goths talk about their experiences on youtube.

I love 80's revival bands :D and the 80's of course. Here is a pic of me dressed all 80's inspired:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Shop Punk Rave!

Punk Rave is an awesome gothic shop with punk, Gothic Lolita and I first discovered them while shopping online. One of the really beautiful gothic pieces I own is from Punk Rave. Their shop is unique and their clothing is well made and can easily fit into many different goth subculture styles. It is hard to find gothic clothes sometimes that I like at certain shops but I have always loved their selections. They have some really lovely pieces that I can easily incorporate into my wardrobe.

Some of my favorite gothic dresses from Punk Rave:

Perfect dress for the club. 

This dress has a very romantic feel to it. 

I love the variety of dresses that they have in the shop that can fit with any mood. 

They also have some amazing gothic jackets in the shop.  

Go check out Punk Rave. Happy shopping! Let me know what some of your favorite pieces are. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Loot Crate and Harry Potter inspired outfit!

I was inspired by Loot Crate subscription service to do a fun cosplay outfit. For those of you not familiar with Loot Crate they are a super fun service that sends nerdy, interesting boxes to you once a month. I personally love surprise boxes. For those of you that are geeks, nerdy, have favorite franchises, love cosplay type items and nerdy goodness, this box is definitely for you. Their "Loot for Her" box has been a huge hit with subscribers. For this look I chose an outfit inspired by one of my favorite book and film series: Harry Potter. I got my boots, sweater and dress at Hot Topic and my wand I picked up while in London at the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I look forward to this inspiring you guys and gals to try out your own looks and also check out Loot Crate and what they have to offer. I hope you get to try them out and get some magical, surprise goodies in the mail! 

Check my video about Loot Crate out on my youtube and subscribe! :D Youtube


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Youtube channel

Sorry I've been MIA for a while! I have been super busy with my new youtube channel. If you haven't subscribed already please subscribe soon! I was just contacted by a rad company who is interested in me promoting their products and doing a fun blog post so I will be doing that shortly. I am excited to bring you guys some new, fun content. I always do gothic beauty, clothing and other posts on my vlog so I feel like you guys would really like it. Here is my link to subscribe: 

My dog Lux wearing her new awesome DIY doggy tee we reworked from my husband's old Lip Service tee hehe. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book party!

When I heard Keplers was doing a book party for the new Harry Potter book. I had to go! I can't wait to read it. IT was a total blast and I made some new cool friends. Enjoy the pics!!

Tea Leaf reading.

Of course a Harry Potter party wouldn't be complete without Bellatrix! 

Outfit of the day inspiration: HIM

I love the band HIM. They are a cool rock band that has been around for some time and they have an 80's/90's gothic influence to them. Very cool band. If you have never head of them check them out! I wore my new HIM shirt and combined it with my favorite fishnet skirt for a cool Summer look.

Top and Skirt, Hot Topic. Bat cameo necklace, Pumpkin Coven. Parasol, Hilary's Vanity.

New look with Kat Von D Serpentina eyeshadow palette

I did a cemetery walk with my husband this week and I was inspired to do an Egyptian look with makeup. I love doing different things and designs with my eyeliner. I usually do spiderwebs but I love doing fancy curls as well. Enjoy my look. I hope it inspires you!

Makeup: Ankh, Hieroglyph and Prophet from Kat Von D's Serpentina Palette.
Ankh choker, Pumpkin Coven. 

Suicide Squad!

Who is going to see Suicide Squad? I don't care about the mixed reviews I love myself a good action comic movie! Plus Harley Quinn looks badass and adorable! Go see the movie and tell me what you thought!! :D I hope you all have a great week. 

Wednesday Addams outfit inspiration part II

I love Wednesday Addams. Who doesn't? I was inspired to do a Wednesday inspired look for Summer since I enjoy emulating her style year round. I needed to find a look for warmer months! I usually like her longer sleeves during Fall and Winter but when it gets toasty outside so as not to boil I stick with a short sleeve look. This look is velvet which I don't recommend for Summer but it was light weight fabric so I didn't burn up. Here I am with my vegan Starbucks pink drink. I know SO not goth lmfao but I love them bahaha. The most colorful part of my wardrobe besides my tattoo. 

Dress, Hot Topic.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rob Zombie and Korn Return of the Dreads Tour

This tour was one of the best I've ever seen. It was so badass!! Rob Zombie and Korn both kicked ass! I was stoked to see a trailer for Zombies new upcoming film 31 too. I can't wait! ahhh I love all the cool stuff he does when he is on stage. His visuals are always amazing. Korn's set was last and it was amazing. We stayed until the end. I hope everyone gets to check this tour out!! You won't be disappointed. They played all the fan's favorites plus some new stuff.