Thursday, January 9, 2014

My new Gargoyle bookend

I got this new Gargoyle for my books. I got a pair of them and I really enjoy them very much.  My husband found another shop with a lot of Gargoyle varieties. I would like to get more in the future. My mom got me a faux fur collar goth coat for Christmas. It is one of my favorite jackets that I can hardly take off and it is good for the winter months. I wore it with my new Marilyn Manson tee and Tripp pants. I hope to wear this outfit out to dinner on a cold evening. I have been watching the last seasons of Dexter on netflix. I had to catch up because I was far behind and had so many things going on the past year I didn't get to see the finale'. I am like that with a lot of my favorite shows. I miss so much tv. I get involved in my reading, work and many activities so I often don't see shows until much later. It is fun to catch up and have marathons with friends. Lately I have been watching loads of Charlie Chaplin reruns and silent films. I really adore silent films and hope to catch the festival in down town Palo Alto when they have it next with my husband and friends. 

Shoes, Vans.
Pants, Tripp
Marilyn Manson tee, Hot Topic or ebay.
Jacket, present from mom.
Necklace, Hot Topic. 

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  1. OMG, that book the wonderful gargoyle is holding up... "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World"??? WHAT is that all about?? And PLEASE don't tell me it's a cook book or I will fall over laughing!!! No self-respecting gargoyle should be made to guard that! ;-)