Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lisbeth Salander style inspiration

Found a great vegan friendly store on etsy called Disaster in a Halo. I am obsessed with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I love the books and the films. I wrote a great piece about it on my other blog Vegan Goth but wanted to share my pics of the clothes here. Go check it out. Lisbeth rocks! I lover her badass style and attitude and her punk/goth style. The Swedish movies are my favorite but I love the new English version too. For fans of the books and movies who want to cosplay or just own a bit of Lisbeth style the store is everything you would imagine. It is such a find. I personally would like a whole Lisbeth Salander wardrobe. I can't wait until the other films come out.  Here is link to my other blog post also. The other post is a bit more personal and focuses less on fashion and more on the character of Lisbeth and why she means so much to me:

Here is a link to the disaster in a halo shop: Disasterinahalo

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