Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cafe' hopping with friends

This week my friend from the city came to visit and we went to many fun cafe's. I was excited to run into a good friend who is starring in a new play which I can't wait to and see. Mmm I long so much for September and can't wait for all the wonderful things fall has to offer. I can't wait to celebrate the Autumn equinox with my husband and best friends.

This isn't at a cafe but I had to post a pic of one of my favorite breakfasts. I love fresh organic berries with some coffee and almond milk or soy creamer. Delicious. 

Friends and I went to bakery/cafe in Palo Alto.


  1. We don't have this beautiful berries in Brazil :/ but this really looks delicious with coffee...


    1. Oooh I love berries and coffee for breakfast. I like tropical fruits though too.