Sunday, August 4, 2013

Product Review: Epically Epic Soap Co.

When I saw this in my Gothic Beauty magazine I was super excited and eager to try a few of the cool products. I picked up some "Gothic Girl" scented oil and gorgeous lip tint. The lip tint is great. I just wear it as lip stick with a bit of lip liner and blend. The perfume oil is so nostalgic and reminds me of some oil I use to wear in high school every day. It is reminiscent of my days lying out in the grass with friends in the shade and listening to The Cure.  I was sad years ago because the oil I use to wear was discontinued so when I found this new oil on etsy that smelled exactly like the one I use to wear I was thrilled. It was like it was made for me and other little gothlings. My husband loves it too and asks me what scent it is.  I don't wear perfume but I do love scented oils. Check this store out on etsy. It is super fun and has a variety of really fun goodies.

Check more out here at : Epically Epic Soap 

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