Thursday, November 7, 2013

Autumn months

Autumn months are my favorite months along with Winter. I got together with my friend and we watched some films and had roasted chestnuts, wine and I showed her the new book I just got at a nice used bookstore near my home. I got these new leggings from Forever21. I always check there because they have some great deals. These velvet leggings elsewhere are up to one hundred dollars but I got them for much cheaper, like ten or so. I have always wanted a version of these.

I went to the last Halloween party this past weekend with friends. I dressed as a gothic kitty cat. I will put more pictures up later. I like to squeeze one last one before November. Now that this month is here I will do a lot of harvest type celebrations with family and friends.

The delicious wine my friend brought. 

Autumn <3


  1. What fun decorations!!! I really wish we could entertain more! But our place is so small and crowded with stuff [Martin's junk] that there's no room. Hmmm, I shall have to get creative...

    1. I'm sure you would do amazing decorations. This wasn't my place but I got some really fun ideas!!