Sunday, November 3, 2013

New spiked hat

Picked this hat up from Forever 21. It looks very Cosplay haha. Perfect for the ending to Halloween.  I also stole my husband's bowler hat which is too big for my head but I still love it. My pup is very huge in these photos. She is the most precious dear and I love her very much. She likes to be in photos with me and play outside. This blazer would be perfect for a corporate goth outfit also. I love to pair blazers with my corset tops or leggings and gothy tees if I have to go to work type meetings. This is the end of the weekend but I'm still going to one more party where I am going as a cat ;)

Tree tee, Radiohead show. Leggings, Nomads hempwear. Blazer and spiked beanie hat, Forever 21. Bowler hat, my husbands. Creepers, (various stores online.) 

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