Thursday, November 20, 2014

Autumn is here

This autumn I bought some new spell and crystal books and found myself taking many hikes, having fall picnics under the trees. Looking at Brian Froud books over warm coffee and tea, picking up maple leaves to decorate my hearth and spending time with loved ones. What do you enjoy doing in autumn? What rituals, spells, mediations or prayers do you like to do? Fall equinox and everything that follows are the most comforting times for me and my family and friends. I love reading and talking about old Nordic tales. I love the rain, the thunder and the cool air that brushes against my cheeks, the wet ground beneath my feet. I am definitely a Winter and Autumn person. I hope you all have a wonderful fall and winter season and celebrate holidays if you do so no matter what your faith. I enjoy celebrating equinoxes, sabbats and other holidays since I have family of many faiths. My favorite things that I connect to are to celebrate the Norse viking rituals and festivals.  This year for Harvest season we put acorn squash, apples, leaves and candles on our altar along with one of my beautiful mjolnirs and said some prayers for protection and such. I wished for rain as well since we need that very badly and I also just asked a blessing for my husband and friends. I love celebrating Winternights and all the beautiful things to come. I have spent a lot of time in the woods lately. 


  1. Great photos! You make me miss fall, it's nothing but snow here. >.<

  2. Thank you! I loove snow. I'd love to see the snow again some day.