Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Yule!

We celebrate the 12 nights of Yule and Winter Solstice complete with ale drinking, feasts and offerings to the Gods. What do you celebrate in your traditions? Solstice? Christmas? Hannukkah or other. I'd love to know and see pics of your celebrations. We usually decorate a tree. My husband is a chef and makes roasts for meat eaters and vegan roasts for vegans and vegetarians. This year we did a borscht soup to celebrate the night of the wild hunt and we did a raspberry vegan cake for Mother's Night and to honor Frigga and our female ancestors. I will continue to put more photos up in this post. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season whatever or however you celebrate. Cheers!

Delicious cranberry walnut bread warmed. 

Lovely mjolnir for our altar. 

I dressed up the day of Yule in this gothic skirt I found online. 

Setting the sacred space for our ritual. 

Offerings of ale, oats. Candle light etc. 

Cake for Mothers night. 

Borscht stew. 


  1. Happy yule!! I love your skirt, it's rad. :) I'm celebrating Christmas with my family, we'll be having a big dinner and be drinking.

    1. Cool! Have a lovely Christmas :) thanks about the skirt. I got it from a place called the gothic shop.