Thursday, October 26, 2017

Twin Peaks pop up in L.A.

If the RR diner Twin Peaks pop up comes to your town and you haven't experienced it, you really should. I read about it briefly and happened to be in L.A. the time that it happened. I was so incredibly stoked and there was a young man there who bought me an owl/log lady themed key chain. Thank you to whoever that was. So sweet and kind. I will keep it always with me. I love the energy in L.A. bustling, fun, exciting, beautiful multi cultural atmosphere. The highlight of my night was meeting Adele Rene' and other actors and actresses in season 3 of Twin Peaks. Adele Rene' played the sergeant. They were all so grateful and kind. They thanked us for being there. Adele complimented my outfit. She was so lovely and sweet to take a photo with me. They had the outfits from some of the characters there for sale. I ended up getting a fun bag, a lunch box and some David Lynch coffee beans. This made my year. If you are a hardcore Twin Peaks fan like me I feel you will enjoy this. I can't wait to make some vegan cherry pie and have some of that coffee!!

Adele Rene' of Twin Peaks season 3

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