Saturday, March 3, 2018

Life Update plus Beetlejuice coffee tumbler

As many of you may know who watch my eternal wynter youtube channel I got a divorce a while back. It was amicable and we are still friends. Sometimes thing just don't work out. I haven't blogged in a while and I missed you guys but I will blogging more in future. Thanks to those vloggers and blogger friends and followers who kept me cheery, sent me kind messages and were there for me. I really appreciate it. Here are some fun pics of me and my pup, Thor. I chopped 8 inches of hair off a while back and it is growing out from my recent pixie. I have been dying it fun colors. 

Can you believe I have had this sweater since high school!

Thor and his toy husky! 

Found this tumblr at Starbucks and it reminded me of Beetlejuice. It matched my sweater. 

We both wear collars ahaha

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