Friday, April 13, 2018

Apocalyptic Beauty makeup on etsy

I love doing swatches on my hands because my arms are too tatted up to do any lol Check out Apocalyptic Beauty. She has some great stuff. The two shadows I got were Existenstial Vampire which had a beautiful red/rust shade that had a pretty shimmer to it and was pigmented and Death comes to your little town which was a nice deep purple shade. She also gave me a sample of the beautiful shade Season of the Witch. My favorite shade was the vampire one. I am a sucker for anything with red inside of it and it goes perfect with my aesthetic. I loved Season of the Witch too. I liked this one because it seemed to have a bit of blue to it as well. Please support local and independent artists over really huge companies. I try and support when I can. The only popular makeup I really like is probably Kat Von D because her makeup has great pigmented shades and she is pure vegan and cruelty free as well. Check out Apocalyptic Beauty! 

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