Thursday, July 25, 2013

Peter Murphy in San Francisco

The other night friends and I went to see Peter Murphy in San Francisco. He was amazing. It was a very transcendent experience. I had never had the pleasure of seeing him before so I was thrilled. He is so lovely. I also was excited to meet some of the members from The Blah Boutique. They played upstairs where I had drinks and dinner with my husband. They are a really cool band. I ended up getting their cd. They are super friendly and talented. I hope to see them some time in concert as well. Cheb I Sabbah, an amazing dj, opened on the main floor for Peter Murphy, followed by another band called Ours. I was excited to hear Peter Murphy perform songs from Bauhaus. I have always really like them and enjoy their music very much. Did anyone else get to see the show? If so please feel free to share your pictures and experiences!


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