Saturday, December 14, 2013

German Holiday Market


I saw my friend down town at my favorite cafe' so I snapped this picture of him. He is shy and turned away but we both think those moments make the best photos.

These handmade ornaments were lovely and affordable.

I love holiday markets. This one was very special and it helps to support a kid's school. My husband and I went to support this today. It was so cool to have something different from your usual art and wine fest. They had delicious beers, pretzels and traditional German foods there as well. I got my mom a few gifts since she is sick at the moment. I think she will really enjoy them. I loved all the DIY arts and crafts. We got some warm apple cider and browsed around. It did get pretty crowded but the wonderful prices for arts and crafts made up for it. If you go to this just be patient and polite as a few people are bumping into each other. One poor chick spilled hot cider on herself after a lady bumped into her. Ouch! I made sure to hold mine extremely carefully since there were many children about. I got a very interesting gothic/fantasy looking necklace that was made by a little boy. It reminded me of the eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings so of course I bought it. It was five dollars and I was happy to find something so unique at a nice price. I also purchased a candle made by children for 8 dollars as well. It was so pretty and elven. It had little bits of moss at the top with a small candle and inside there were lovely, fragrant bits. I can't wait to warm up my house with it.

    I do so hope they will have this market next year. It is something I would like to frequent with my group and friends. Happy Holidays everyone. I hope to check out Christmas Tree Lane this year as well as maybe one or two tree lighting ceremonies.


  1. I would have liked to go, but I had too much to do and it was VERY short notice! Let's put it on the meetup site next year!!

    1. Totally!! I knew it was short but at least I went to check it out. I think people would like it. It does get very crowded though. It was fun and a nice break from some of the other art and wine stuff. I hope they have more events like this! Thanks for checking out the pics :>