Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gothic, Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower

My friend and I threw a gothic,  Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower for our good friend, complete with mini tea sandwiches and Alice themed cupcakes done by some amazing artists. It was a magical day. We laid out a vintage tea set with tea pots and had an assortment of teas on hand including fresh lemon and ginger with honey and delicious loose leaf berry tea. I decorated with Alice and Mad Hatter themed paintings, costume shop hats, gothic decor and Tim Burton style wall hangings.


  1. This is an awesome party! I love all the skull mugs, I want them! I love the fancy cupcakes! I bet that kid will turn out pretty cool!

    1. Yeah totally. Lucy is going to be awesome hee hee :D We had fun. We love those mugs.They are super fun!!

  2. Wow, I'll bet this was fun!! Everything looks awesome and yummy!

    Now I'm wishing... NO, I'm NOT, never mind!!! ;-)

  3. Hee hee this was so fun to put together. I couldn't have done it without the help of some super talented friends and a few best buds!!