Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gray Days

I haven't done a gothic thrift haul post for a while. I threw my beautiful spider web top from Arsenic Fashions over this awesome dress I found at a charity shop. The dress was pretty big on so I put two layers on and also put it over leggings so it would cling a bit more to the fabric. Whenever I thrift I look for a lot of lovely velvet materials, mesh and see through fabrics or lacy items. 

Leggings and Parasol. Forever21.
Spiderweb top, Arsenic Fashions.
Velvet dress, Charity shop. 
Tiered gothic cross necklace, Claire's Boutique. 


  1. Great job pulling it in with the shirt! What a great idea! I must remember that! I loooove velvet and I love it from opshops because I can actually afford it! Unfortunately it is one of those things that costs more to make than by! I want a burgundy velvet jacket but the nice looking velvet is about $30 a metre at the craft shop!

    I love the embroidered detail on that jacket! I want to steal it!

    1. Thanks Laura! The jacket I got it's Hell Bunny, I think Hot Topic actually. So lovely. It is a fun trick I use to do a tight fitted top over a bulkier dress. I love doing that. It really helps. Ooh I know velvet is SO expensive at times. I only get my velvet pieces usually from charity shops but I did find an amazing velvet skirt that use to be 79 dollars for 19 dollars on sale!! I found it at Urban Outfitters. I will do a post on it. Hopefully they still have some.