Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Art Showing 2014

I was in an amazing group art showing. We all had a lot of fun. The energy was something so wonderful that it is hard to put into words.  My friends and family came out to support me and other artists. I am also showing at a cool place down town. It is nice to have an art show before I get on the plane again and fly elsewhere for a while.

A few of my art pieces that were hung. 


  1. Wow, what a lot of neat stuff!! I'd love to know which ones you did (the ones that aren't obviously yours, heheh). Did you do the "We're All Mad" cat??? If so, how much are you asking for it?

  2. Thank you Lucretia! I did not do the we're all mad cat but that is this one guy's collector's item. I don't think he is selling it. I asked for it too! haha! The originals are pretty darn pricey. Some go for $500! I did the Purple one with blue and purple hair I'm standing in front of, the little fallen angel girl, the other purple one (not sure if it is pictured) and also the Alice painting.

  3. Yeah, art can be REALLY pricey, I know! Oh well. Thanks for letting me know which ones are yours. I like the fallen angel the best, I think! Hehehe, you're really into spiky eyelashes! ;-)