Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY Gothic candle holders

If you can't afford a gothic candle holder. Make one! This is a cool, frugal way to make your own candle holders. This is a fun and simple project that is easy to do.

What you will need:

1. An old empty wine bottle or a sparkling soda bottle (washed out and dried.)
2. A long candle (make sure to get the kind that drip so you can get a cool effect)
3. A knife or tool for whittling.
4. Things to decorate your candle holder if you so wish.
5. A lighter or other source of fire to light candle when done.


Decorate bottle as you so please or leave as is. If I have a good wine bottle that looks vampiric or gothic I usually just leave it. Whittle the long candle to fit inside bottle if you need and voila! you have your candle holder. Over time in a few weeks you will have a cool drippy effect running down the sides of your bottle. You might want to weigh your wine bottle down so it doesn't fall over easily. Mine almost fell with the candle lit. Whoops! Good thing I have reflexes like a cat. I did make it on a hard surface so it wouldn't have done much harm ;)

Here are a few pics of our final products. Afterwards we watched a little Game of Thrones. We had quite a bit of fun.

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