Sunday, March 30, 2014

Interview with the Vampire movie night

For Interview with the Vampire movie night I made a coffin cake. It was a lot of fun. It was relatively easy to make. I really liked the colors that I chose for it. It was my first attempt so please forgive any messiness haha. Next time I will let it cool a bit longer before putting the frosting on. Interview with the Vampire is a great book and very fun and thrilling movie to watch.

My outfit for the movie night. I switched my bat necklace to another bat necklace at last minute because I thought it went a bit better with my outfit. Aahh got problems ;) 



  1. Drat, I missed out on a coffin cake AS WELL AS the movie??? HISSSSSSS... ;-)

  2. Ahaha! It was my first coffin cake. It did not turn out so great looking but practice makes perfect heh heh. I think I put frosting on too soon because I just couldn't wait! lolzzz I should do a coffin cake tutorial it is so fun!!

  3. Looks like my comments last night just refused to post. Interview is one of my favourite movies! I love the coffin cake and the griffin and art deco wine. Your outfit looks awesome!

    1. Thank you Laura!! yeah ugh I have issues with blogger too sometimes! One time I posted a huge post under my friends blog and it disappeared. I looove Interview w/ vampire so much. It is such an amazing film. One of my ultimate favorites. Next one I screen will probably be Bram Stoker's Dracula. I love Gary Oldman :> Thanks about the dress. I love it. I really like anything with lace.