Friday, October 2, 2015

Outfit inspiration: Wednesday Addams

 Outfit:   I love Wednesday Addams. Who doesn't? Her dry, twisted humor got me through my teenage years. When I was 16 I wanted to be Morticia and now I kind of want to be Wednesday and Morticia. I put together this outfit with a rad dress I found on Dolls Kill website. They have a lot of Wednesday type dresses that you can check out. Over the years I have had many vintage dresses that looked Wednesday-esque but I wore most of them out. I have yet to find a grand Morticia dress like the one I wore around high school when I was younger.

Makeup: I am already pretty pale so to look a bit more gothic and macabre and bring out my spooky eyes I blended some pink shadow on top and under my eyes, put a bit of foundation on and blended that into my already pale skin and put a touch of pale pink lipstick on.

Dress, Dolls Kill. 
Cleaver, My own ;) 


  1. This Wednesday look is lovely! She is one of my favorite goth characters too. :D

  2. Thank you ! I love her. Someday I will do a Morticia Addams post hehe