Wednesday, April 22, 2015

izombie Gwen Dylan cosplay

Gwen Dylan is the adorable zombie, gothic heroine of izombie comics and television series. I love her so I really wanted to do a cosplay. Most of my clothes look like hers, gothic, striped etc so it was easy to put together. Here is my izombie cosplay tutorial. 

For the brains: I used udon noodles from grocery store and a bit of red food coloring to make the brains light to dark pink. Don't leave them in water too long w/dye or they will turn dark red.

For the outfits: Just used a striped top and black shorts, plus boots similar to her outfit in the comics. For the second outfit I used inspiration from the tv show. She wears a red hoodie a few times and tshirts. For makeup: I used a gothic white base for my face and blended, put more white under the eyes for a more hollow look. I took black eyeliner/smudged and blended down and then I placed pink from top to bottom on my eye. Light pink at top/dark near the edges and blended til it blended in with white highlights and black eyeliner. Lips I stained with a lime crime lip gloss and smeared it a bit to make it appear like I was a hungry zombie who had feasted on some brains. 

Thanks to my friend Garret who is visiting from Texas :D he played my zombie victim.  

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