Monday, May 4, 2015


Seattle is a beautiful place. I found a lot more goths and punks here than I found in Portland. Everyone I have met so far has been incredibly friendly and helpful. The coffee is amazing. Very cool pubs. If you are looking for rad places to drink try Capitol Hill. There is a cool goth club that I found and there are many cool music shops that you can find metal, goth and indie music in. I highly recommend Gargoyles Statuary for your goth fix. I will do a post on them later. Literally the raddest shop I've come across! We are staying at the 11th Avenue Inn. It has a Victorian look to it and really pretty, quaint rooms. Incredibly friendly owner and staff. You can request veggie meals for breakfast and there are tons of organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafe's around the corners to choose from for brunch, dinner etc. I hope everyone gets a chance to check out this amazing city. I love that there is a waterfront right near by and tons of beautiful places to hike! SO many trees and lush hills to hike up. Be ready to exercise! Some of these hills take some serious climbing. 

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