Saturday, March 5, 2016

Corporate goth ideas

When I have to dress up for work situations or office I tend to stick with grays and blacks or sometimes a beige or black trench. I find I can still manage to pull off a little bat or dragon necklace or barrette here and there as long as I have a blazer on and some skinny jeans, black ballet flats or loafers for a more casual look or if I want to look fancier I have gray or black dress pants. I recently found some really cool casual chic sweat pants online that I paired with a blazer. My hair is multi colored so if I need to look more professional I just pull it back into a bun or a pony tail.

Natural beauty essentials. For the office I nix the black lipstick and stick to a beige or natural face palette. I use natural oils for scent, I have face spray for days it is a bit warm and I use natural hair cream if I need to put hairs in place if I'm wearing my hair in a bun. I usually stick to matte lips beige or just chap stick. To be bold I add a bit of color on my eyes light blues or pinks. 

My ultimate casual corporate goth accessories. As long as there is black in there I'm happy :) 

To be a bit more bold you can pair gothic accessories with a blazer and some nice blue nail polish instead of black. I usually wont wear black nail polish to the office. 

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