Saturday, March 5, 2016

Outfit inspiration: Marilyn Manson

I have always really loved Marilyn Manson, his music and his androgynous, gothic style. I put together some outfits that were inspired by him. He is so awesome and has influenced me since I was a teenager. I love to draw portraits of him and do portraits of his cd covers. His art is amazing in every way I love his water color drawings so I recreated one with color pencils. 

Marilyn Manson cd drawing by me.

Striped tee I got at a shop in Portland, 
Skelanimals back pack, Vampire Freaks. 
Raven Madison bat necklace, online. 

Lace gloves, Camden in England.
Hair, Vampire Red and Voodoo Blue by Manic Panic.
Corset top, Hot Topic. 

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