Saturday, March 3, 2018

Everything has a season....

It can take months to even years to heal from breakups whether it be with a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member etc. Life is a journey and it has its ups and downs but I have tried to make the most of it the past year. I love nature, traveling and just hanging with friends. I find it best not to isolate myself when I am feeling down. Sometimes I am a loner and I need to be alone and need my down time but I love having friends and fellowship with others too. I hope someone out there will find this and read this, look at my pics, find some inspiration. Love to you all wherever you are in the world. Love and peace on your journeys. Deaths are a part of life and that is why I embrace the goth community so much and love it to it's core because it embraces darkness and light and does not run away from feeling pain and growing from it. Cheers <3

We killed Laura Palmer.....

Twin Peaks fandom

A little retail therapy and coffee always helps. 

Almond Lattes at Scouts in Slo. 

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