Monday, July 1, 2013

Mayhem Festival 2013

This 4th of July weekend we went to the Mayhem Fest at Shoreline. It was wicked and surreal. I love Rob Zombie and was so excited to see him play. I saw him one other time and he puts on such a great show. I hope to see him play many times in the future. It is always a dream come true to see him and his band. He is one of my all time favorite musicians. It was cool to see Mastodon too. I had never seen them play before. I love Amon Amarth too and Five Finger Death punch was awesome. I had never seen them play either. I hope you all have a really wonderful 4th of July this week. Remember our troops and service men and women. Thank you to all my friends and family who have served!

Love my new Mayhem shirt! 


  1. Love love LOVE that red color... how do you get your hair that platinum? I want to get it to that shade.

    1. Thank you!! I get my hair bleached by a stylist but I do color myself. I also use purple shampoo to keep it platinum and not have it be too brassy.