Friday, October 11, 2013

Camden Town and Camden Locke

Surreal and amazing isn't even beginning to describe how awesome this place is. If you are gothic or alternative like me I promise there will be something to suit your tastes. From bohemian, whimsical fairie child to Mori girl running around in the forest to vampiric and gothic princess, the clothes here are gorgeous and in a word perfect. I was able to find clothing and items at prices that were so much cheaper than they are online or at other stores. The array of gothic clothing they had here was so much more than I have found in the states. Usually I have to import my vampiric, romantic style goth clothing from other countries so it was so nice to come here and find what I was looking for. I found they really catered to you especially if you are more alternative. Seeing the canals, the former horse stables, the art, it seemed like something one could only dream of and the fact that this place exists is all to wonderful. It is urban, cool and full of so many people with so many nationalities. It was so fun!! When you shop here do beware of pick pockets and keep an eye on your bags and goodies but other than that it is a fun and safe place to come. I had no issues with pick pockets myself but I also am gothic with red hair and a 6 foot 4 husband who has a black belt in karate lol. It does get incredibly crowded but I found people were very polite. If you are worried about food. They have every kind of food from every type of place you can imagine. You won't go broke eating here. Many of the pieces are priced very low and affordable. A lot of the vendors and sellers of jewelry have extremely affordable items as well and if you don't mind spending more there are a few shops you can do so at. This was by far one of my favorite places. I recommend a visit if you ever come to England!

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  1. Wow, looks like you found some really great places while you were in London! We did not know very many places when we went there, but we had a lot of fun and saw a lot of beautiful places! We did find the most awesome graveyard in a small town outside of London, and a Goth shop in Bath, though!