Monday, October 21, 2013

Harry Potter WB studio tour

My husband and I went to the Harry Potter studio tour. I wore my new gothic dragon corset sweatshirt and brought my satchel to stash my camera and take pics. It was the most surreal and amazing thing I could ever have imagined. Words cannot describe how beautiful and amazing it was. For Harry Potter fans this is a must. It is the most magical place and it was so cool to catch a glimpse of how much work and time went into this. My favorite parts were Diagon Alley, taking pics inside the blue car and getting to see all of the amazing  props.

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  1. That looks so amazing! I really hope I will be able to go there one day, if it is still there! It would be utterly magical! The best Harry Potter thing I got to do was a Hogwarts High Tea at my university. The Grand Hall looks kind of like a castle for Harry Potter. Here are the pictures, if you are interested :)