Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Roses and Lace

Recently I took a trip to visit West Hampstead cemetery. It is absolutely beautiful with stunning architecture and amazing head stones. I really enjoyed the celtic crosses and other things they had there. It was very peaceful and nice to be there. A few others were taking their dogs out for a stroll.

I got this beautiful dress the other day. I love the lace gloves with it as well. Lace gloves are perfect for going out to tea with friends or wearing during the summer months if it is a bit warm. 

Lace gloves, mini dress, Camden.
Buckle boots, tights, Forever 21. Heart necklace, Hot Topic.


  1. Wow, it looks so odd seeing a Star of David on what looks like (but obviously isn't) a Gothic-style Christian church! I'm assuming that is the entrance gate to the cemetery, or at least to one section... I've often wondered what Jewish synagogues looked like in the past; you never see them in pictures of ancient European places, or if you do, you can't tell what they are.

    1. This cemetery had so many different religions. It was very interesting. There was Jewish stuff, Celtic, Arabic and many other things. It was a fascinating cemetery. Very pretty. There were Mosques and Churches around too both gothic and non gothic style. I took a lot of pics haha. I didn't see many Synagogues but I'm sure they had many of those too.