Thursday, October 10, 2013

First day in London

We spent the first day in West Hampstead checking out some amazing charity shops. I got a coat for almost nothing that is tweed and lovely and perfect for my gothic tops. It reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. We are going to hit up many pubs this week and check out more shops in Camden and Primrose Hill. I can't wait to blog about our adventures.  The best cafe' I have found thus far is Costa. So cute and they had the yummiest drinks. I can't wait to try out more tea! Today I had a warm berry tea and a vanilla tea that really hit the spot. I am going to go tea crazy here. Love it. 


  1. Geez, now I have TWO goth friends in the UK at the same time, but I'M not there! I'm soooo jealous... ;-)

  2. I know ahaha!! I wanted to go sooo bad. I lusted after my friends photos til I saved up enough to afford a trip. I hope you get to go to London!! Some day I want to go to Ireland and Scotland too :D I know you did and had such a fun time hee hee.