Saturday, March 22, 2014

Goth haul March, 2014

Did a little haul this week. I found some new goth white makeup from Manic Panic, got a new version of my Vampire Kisses book, mother one is falling apart and pretty much messed up haha! Also I have one vegetarian book that fell apart, got coffee spilled all over it and the pages were ripped up. That just means I really love my books. I usually keep them pretty nice but at times it is hard if I travel with them or they pass from person to person. I got a new wallet from gothic swap with friends and a new spider ring which I adore to pieces. I got a new batty plush for my collection! I have so many bats and a frankenweenie doll to welcome him into the fold. I know some of you collect plush toys too :> 


  1. Yes, I love toys! I have mostly cats but I recently got a second hand beanie baby bat off a girl at the Cosplay picnic! Your bat is so cute!

    1. Cute!! I want a little plush cat. I haven't collected any yet hee hee. I like mostly bats and I'd love to find a cute spider.

  2. I love the fangy bat!! It looks like Ice Bat, only black, so I assume they are "related"??? Also, let me know how the makeup works out for you; I've wanted that one for awhile, but don't know how to use it! I don't want to end up looking like a mime!!!!!! (Oh the horror...)

    And Martin recently gave me a lovely Beanie Baby spider, hehehe!! :-)

  3. Lucretia I love my new fangy bat sooo cute!! Ooh I will have to check out Ice Bat!! :D I am pretty darn pale and you are pale too so it would work on our complexions. I have it on today..the makeup. It works well just make sure to blend it :D and not put too much on. It is very pretty!! I thought I'd look mimeish too haha! Oh so cute about the beani baby spider!!