Saturday, March 1, 2014

Children of Bodom, Death Angel and TYR Halo of Blood show

Met up with a few members from my meet up group and saw the Children of Bodom show with Death Angel and TYR. The highlight of our night was getting to meet Ted Aguilar from Death Angel outside the venue. So exciting. He was incredibly chill and sweet to take a picture and shake our hands. All these bands really love their fans and you could tell how dedicated they were. It was an amazing show and they really rocked the Fillmore. There were quite a few fellow goths and metal heads in the audience and I met some new friends. I really love the gothic and metal community because they have always been very welcoming towards me. I definitely would like to see TYR again! They made some new fans for sure. I got some tshirts at the merch table and a cool viking Thor hammer necklace. I got a new Death Angel tee from their new album and also a Children of Bodom tee and hoodie. We had such a blast! We always like going to the Fillmore and would like to check out more shows there. If any of you went to the show I'd love you to share your pics!

Me and Ted Aguilar :> 


Death Angel

My friend Lena and I. 

Death Angel pic courtesy of Mike.

Children of Bodom. 


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