Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Dyed my hair purple. I love the color. I used purple haze from Manic Panic and it came out the exact color I wanted. It even went over my red. My red had faded a bit so it was a perfect time to put it on . I will apply more later. I liked this outfit because it reminded me a bit of Wednesday Adams except when I purchased this "dress" or top I thought it was something else. It turned out to be a onesie which I hate. I hate those things so I cut it up and made it gothic/punk rock top out of it. Much better. I don't even think I will hem it. I quite like the tattered look for this top.

Top, Urban Outfitters on sale but DIY'd by moi! 
Shoes, Amazon


  1. I love the hair! I love purple at the moment! I really like the collar of the dress too, I need a dress with a white collar. It looks good now, but a onesie! Eeek! I have had one flattering one piece on my whole life, most of them make people look like kids and not usually in a good way! Glad someone else dislikes them, most people seem to like them!

  2. I can't stand onesies!! they are so creepy lolz yeah it makes me feel like a little kid. I just cut it up and made it into a top. haha! I don't mind like long john gothic onesies they are fun! the ones you wear to bed lOL but I would never wear one out haha. Unless it was really cool and punk rock. Maybe I will find one I like some day. Haha a cool gothic rocker onesie. Thanks! I love the hair. I go through color phases and right now I'm in a deep purple and black phase.I love it!!