Sunday, June 22, 2014

Photo shoot at Presidio of Sanfrancisco

Yesterday I shot photos of people in San Francisco. As some of you know besides modeling I also do photography as a side profession. I have been doing so for many years and enjoy it very much. I did some film and photography training through the years in San Francicso, De Anza and Foothill. For info and to check out my other photography here is my site: winteradvian


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  2. Heh, right near my old stomping grounds! I used to live right off the corner of Park Presidio and Geary Blvd., about 20 minutes from the Presidio, and could see the Bridge from our front window. Nice pics!

    Sorry for the delete, my cat walked over the keyboard! ;-)

  3. No worries :D hee hee awww cute lil kittie!!! It was a fun shoot. We are doing a reshoot some other time but I am keeping these because they turned out really well :D