Friday, June 6, 2014

Outfit inspiration: Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter

I love Tonk's style in Harry Potter. She is married to Remis Lupin who is a werewolf and defense against the dark arts teacher. I love her wardrobe in the film. She is very gothic with a bit of punk added in. She wears a really cool bell necklace, which I recreated myself with velvet choker and bells I sewed on. I got them at Joanne Fabrics. Nymphadora's wand is actually a Harry Potter replica wand I purchased in England and for her broom I used a fighting stick with collected twigs tied/taped on the back. For her makeup I blended a gothic berry lip with some chap stick and did a thicker eyeliner with smudged purple shadow on top. It was a very affordable alternative to buying actual broom and I love to DIY a lot of my items when I'm dressing up. Enjoy!

My DIY necklace I made for my cosplay is now up for sale :>
Email me for details if you are interested before it is gone. I will post update if it sells.

Striped top, Portland Oregon from Another State of mind shop.
Boots, vegan docs from Urban Outfitters.
Wand, Harry Potter studios in England.
Gothic trench, Hot Topic. 


  1. Cool outfit! I love Tonks, I wish I had her powers so I could constantly change my hair colour and hairdo to whatever I wanted without all the bleaching and maintenance!

  2. I like your hair with the shirt, it just pops so nicely. I miss dyeing my hair!! XP

  3. omg I wish I had her powers too haha! Aww thanks! I got the shirt at a cool goth/punk shop in Oregon. I love dyeing my hair. So fun.